At the heart of any successful collaboration is the willingness to listen and to meet partners where they are.

The Opportunity

Several factors combine to create current opportunities in the seniors housing sector.

Growing demand. The “graying of America” is accelerating rapidly, driving demand for housing to accommodate the special needs of an aging population.


Fragmented market. A significant percentage of seniors housing is currently owned by sole proprietors or small companies who are limited in the efficiencies they can achieve. Care is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity for consolidation.


Industry talent. As the sector has matured, nimble and entrepreneurial regionally-based operators have emerged and achieved impressive results. We focus on a select group of these skilled regional operators and provide them with capital and expertise, enabling them to bring a more sophisticated and profitable management approach to a greater number of properties.


Economies of scale. As Care’s investment footprint grows, we  help increase efficiencies and lower expenses across all of our properties. We believe this will be an essential ingredient to succeed in the future as seniors housing can be a lower cost alternative to either skilled nursing facilities or hospitals.

Care’s Approach: Unlocking Value


Many investors use the word partnership as a marketing slogan—for Care, it’s the concept that guides our investment approach. We recognize that Care needs the unique professional expertise and local market knowledge of our operating partners just as much as our operating partners need the capital and M&A expertise that Care provides. Care and its operating partners create interdependent collaborative platforms and leverage each other’s strengths and resources to unlock tremendous value.

At the heart of any successful partnership is the willingness to listen and align interests closely. Operators usually have several key areas of concern when considering external capital sources and partnerships.

Do potential investors understand my business? Care invests exclusively in seniors housing. It’s all we do. Our executives are respected experts and thought leaders in this socially important sector.


Do they share my values? Care’s investment decisions begin with identifying operating partners with earned reputations for a sense of social mission and a commitment to integrity, compassion, and respect for the dignity of every senior resident.


How will partnering with a capital provider impact my business? Some of our operating partners are skilled executives in the senior care profession that spend too much of their valuable time on acquisition and financing activities. With Care, they have a partner who speaks both their language and that of the investment community and acts as a bridge between these two worlds to help simplify complex acquisition and finance transactions. Care is valued for the flexibility, creativity, and skillful execution we use to bring all of these elements together. We want our operators to spend their time focused on what they do best: creating better experiences and opportunities for residents and staff.


Are they just out to make a quick profit? Care has a long-term investment horizon and therefore a long-term mindset. Unlike short-term capital that typically seeks a quick resale, Care seeks to build lasting value for each investment, with a possible sale or refinancing at the appropriate time.


Do they just want to cherry-pick my best properties? Care invests in both stabilized properties and value-add opportunities. When we find the right operating partner, Care is committed to being the investor of first resort.


Are they going to micromanage us? Care believes in putting clear and achievable goals into place via long-term management agreements and leases, and then leaving day-to-day operations in the hands of the operating partners we select.


Does taking external capital mean we forfeit any stake in the property? Care structures its investments based on the unique circumstances of each transaction and the goals of the partners. Along with triple net leases, we offer joint ventures and other structures to provide operators the ability to share in ownership and value creation. We believe close alignment of interest is a key ingredient to success.


Our Team


Care’s leadership includes recognized experts in the seniors housing industry with a track record of execution and performance. The team brings decades of experience in various fields including real estate, finance, legal, accounting, and asset management.  Care's leadership team is also actively involved in industry advocacy groups and frequently appear in publications, at conferences, and on industry panels.

Salvatore (“Torey”) Riso

President and Chief
Executive Officer


Michael S. Goldberg

Chief Investment Officer


Danielle M. DePalma

Vice President and General Counsel


Costa Lallas

Vice President, Asset Management

Patrick Huvane

Chief Accounting Officer

Jordan Wolfson

Assistant Controller

Clarence Radin


Warren Chan


Jem Wong

Senior Accountant




Care is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tiptree Inc. (NASDAQ: TIPT), a diversified holding company engaged through its consolidated subsidiaries in a number of businesses. Tiptree, which began operations in 2007, currently has subsidiaries in four industries: insurance and insurance services; specialty finance; asset management; and real estate.


Although now a private company wholly owned by Tiptree, Care was established in 2007 via a $225 million initial public offering by CIT Group. CIT Group remained the largest shareholder and CIT Healthcare acted as external manager until Tiptree acquired a 90 percent ownership interest in Care in 2010. Tiptree replaced CIT Healthcare with a team led by Care’s current CEO, Torey Riso. In July 2013, Tiptree and Care completed a business combination that left Tiptree as the public vehicle, and Care a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tiptree.


Following Tiptree’s acquisition in 2010, the Care management team made the strategic decision to focus exclusively on opportunities in the seniors housing industry and to pursue a relationship-driven, operator-centric business model. Care evaluated its asset base accordingly to determine which investments were core to the new strategy and merited continued focus, and which were non-core and should be divested opportunistically. Over the succeeding months and years, Care was able to exit its legacy investments successfully and to focus on growing the portfolio under the new strategy. As of June 2017, that portfolio consisted of 41 properties in 11 states, with eight operating partners.


Today, Care is firmly established in its chosen niche and positioned for growth and Care has become a trusted capital source/investor for established and newly formed operators. (See “Operating Partners.”).


Care is also building a reputation as an attractive solution for large institutional investors who seek to enter the growing seniors housing market with an expert investor in the industry—but whose current platforms lack the capacity (or appetite) to source and manage multiple investments and relationships.

Care’s operating partners are a carefully curated group chosen for their integrity and their track record of driving high performing businesses. They value the expert counsel as well as the financial resources Care brings to the partnership.

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